How to pick your perfect collar for a bespoke shirt

How to pick your perfect collar for a bespoke shirt

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a semi cut away collar. Perfect for wearing with or without a tie and suits the majority of faces

Full cut away collar. To be worn with a thin tie and suitable for people with thinner faces. Not as suitable for the rounder faced Gentlemen. Doesn't work as well if you don't wear a tie

Classic collar. A more old fashioned look with the points coming further down your chest than the semi cut away. Usually worn with a tie

Fashion Aldo Collar. A more fashionable collar with a high collar. Mainly worn without ties by the more fashionable & more suited to those with thinner physiques

Button down collar. Not to be worn with a tie and a much more casual look. Don't go double cuffed with this collar. Suits all face shapes and physiques

Tab fastening collar. To be worn with a tie. Button does up behind the tie to make the tie knot stand out. Not so great for those with a rounder face or physique

Wing Collar. To be worn on formal occasions and only really with black tie. Only ever wear a real bow tie otherwise the fake one will show up!

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