How to remake the snickers candy bar

How to remake the snickers candy bar

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Did you know that a Full Sized Snickers Candy Bar contains 220 calories? Here is how to remake this popular candy bar with a lot less calories.

Start with your Hershey's chocolate bar

Unwrap the chocolate

Break apart the chocolate bar into four pieces

Pair two broken pieces together

Now take the pretzel

Break it up into tiny pieces

Add the broken pieces on top of one piece of broken chocolate for each pair (note that all pretzel pieces may not be used)

Next, take the peanut butter

Scoop out a small glob with a knife

Add the glob of peanut butter to the chocolate piece with pretzel already on them

It should look sorta like this (note that you may need to put extra peanut butter below the pretzel pieces so that it can stay in place)

Now take a few nuts

Crush them up into tiny pieces

Add them on top of the chocolate piece with peanut butter and pretzel

Finally, place the other piece of chocolate on top of it's paired piece

That's it!!! Each bite contains less than 70 calories, so enjoy your remade Snickers Candy Bar!

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