How to cook gingered stir-fry

How to cook gingered stir-fry

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It's a Metallica kind of day.

It's also a margarita kind of day.. Then again, every day is a margarita day. Yes or yes? I'm gonna go with yes.

Grab some boobs.

Slice some peppers.

Mince some ginger.

Mix cornstarch and sugar together

Add 1tsp of sesame seed oil, soy sauce and water to sugar and cornstarch.

Look who turned 21 today! Nawww! Now he can drink in the states too.

Put chicken in pan with the rest off the sesame seed oil

Once it's not raw anymore

Add pepper, garlic and ginger. And corn if you got it. I unfortunately don't. But you don't want to see me on corn... Let that go for about 4 minutes.

Did you know that NASA is looking in to how broomsticks would be propelled and to use it for daily life. I for one am excited about that.

Add peas and go for 30 seconds.

Add soy sauce mix.

Bring to a boil for 2 minutes.

Add noodles or rice

And bam! You're done! Enjoy bicches.

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