How to plan a trip to namibia & botswana

How to plan a trip to namibia & botswana

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Did you ever want to see...

Elephant poop?

A lot of nothing?

Very old weeds?


Or weird animals staring at you?

Then Namibia & Botswana are the perfect countries for your next vacation!

Here is what you need:

1. A Flight

Johannesburg, Cape Town and Windhoek are the best choices for starting your trip. It is very easy to rent a car there and gather supplies.

Stay at least one night to get rid of your jet lag and shop missing items for your trip.

2. 4x4 Rental Car

You want something like this. South Africans call it a Bakkie.

It is a pick-up truck with a roof tent and everything you need in the back to survive the next weeks

Those black boxes contain camping stuff, below you'll find a s cooker & chairs.

The big box on the right is a fridge.

The reason you need a 4x4? These roads...

...and the fun in driving through dry riverbeds!

This is the largest traffic jam you'll experience!

If you don't count in goats...

3. Map

Well, we had a map.

The plan was: Being close to the airport 2 days before departure. And it is the only plan you'll ever need down there!

Locals will guide your way! Just talk to them. They'll tell you where to go, what to see & where to stay for the night.

4. Overview of Campsites

There is a great guide for all campsites & farms you'll find in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa!

Google "Thomas Richter Namibia" (maybe you have to use Google Translate)

Camping is not the same as in Europe!

You're usually alone in the middle of nowhere

But most of the times you have at least one farmer's dog watching over you.

5. Tyre Repair Kit

You'll experience this!

But there is no need to change tyres every time.

Ask for a tyre repair kit at the next garage. They'll show you how to use it.

It looks like this!

Monitor your tyre pressure and ask your rental company for advice in advance!

6. The best Navigator ever

Don't go alone. I always have this navigator with me. Very helpful!

Some of them are even great for opening gates

Important note: Consult your doctor for Hepatitis and Malaria risks and how your can reduce them!

FAQ: What about food?

Try local food!

But don't get eaten by locals....

You can get wood to start a fire everywhere. Ask the farmers for fresh game meat.

A typical evening scene.

Oh, and share your breakfast with the birds

FAQ: How do you take a shower?

There is a lot of dust!

But taking a bath after a long day is not an option.

You'll get hot water from donkeys.

This is a donkey.

This is an improvised donkey.

And this is an improvised shower.

FAQ: And how do you... You know!?!

Afraid of these???

No worries, they have water toilets ... in some places

In others you get ...

... The long drop experience

But you have to follow the rules!

Note: It's the southern hemisphere! June = Winter / December = Summer

Additional advice: Not all signs should be taken too serious...

Thanks, Captain Obvious!

... but some ...

... this one as well ...

Yes, off road driving can kill you ...

... but on the road it's not much better.

... and some others even more!

One thing is for certain: Go there and you'll enjoy every minute of your trip!

Maybe you even find your dream house there!

All of this has happened before (2010) and all of this will happen again (this year)!

Search for the video of our latest trip on YouTube: "Namibia September 2010". ("Botswana August 2013" will follow by the end of this year)

Have a great trip!

Watch the video: Botswana Vs Namibia - Which Country is Better