How to make a black tooth grin (cocktail)

How to make a black tooth grin (cocktail)

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First, gather all of your ingredients!! :)

Pour in 1-1/4 oz (a shot) of Seagrams

Add another 1-1/4oz (a shot) of Crown Royal!!

Finally, fill the glass with Coke to make it dark.

Stir (optional). :)

There are several variations of this drink. Some have it w/ only one whiskey. I've also seen it served as a shooter. Try not to add so much coke. This is one drink that is meant to knock you down. :)

Sorry for not adding drinks in a while. Been busy w/ holidays and work. :( I missed making drinks and uploading them for you all. Going to try to add more often. :) Don't forget to FOLLOW!! Cheers!!

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