How to help get rid of headaches & neck pain!

How to help get rid of headaches & neck pain!

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This will help to reduce tension in neck & shoulder muscles ... A common cause of headaches! Always Remember, if your pain doesn't get any better, go get it checked out!

Identify that you have a headache...

Or a sore neck ...!

There a LOTS of different causes of neck pain & headaches - it's very common for your Trapezius muscles to contribute..! So let's take them out of the equation!

Choose a side that you think is the culprit! Usually the same side as your headache or pain - and often most tender to touch if you poke around a bit..!

Pretend you're a crab and use your thumb and index finger like pincers...

Pinch your trapezius muscle! It will probably be a bit tender but that's expected - make sure you get a firm grip! If you are a big build you will need a bigger pincer grip for bigger muscles!

Ow - it will be sore!

You may feel pain where you're pinching or even your headache or referred pain into other places - if it's too painful, pinch a little less firmly..

But you certainly want to feel it!

Turn your neck all the way as far as you can go - away from your pinched side. You'll feel the muscle moving between your finger so make sure you keep a firm grip!

And same thing all the way back to the other side, as far as you can go...Keep the grip going!

Repeat x 10!!!!!

Moving your muscle through its range and pinching it at the same time allows your muscle to remember that it's ok to relax again ... The whole principal of massage ..!

You should feel a noticable reduction in tightness and tension through that side of your neck & shoulder...probably better movement too! Repeat on the other side for a general loosen up!

It's not a cure (well it can be if its the only source of your pain..!) but it has helped a lot of people (including me!) in daily pain management!!

And remember to get it checked out if it doesn't go away! There is someone who can help! I can help you find someone in Australia if you need..! It's much nicer not to live in pain!!!

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