How to cook vegetable and fish soup with glass noodles

How to cook vegetable and fish soup with glass noodles

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1 baby bok Choy, Half of an yellow onion, 4 sprigs cilantro, One jalapeño, Three carrots sliced raw, Twelve pieces of green beans, 8 Brussels sprouts, One crown broccoli, 3 cloves garlic, Five slivers of Fresh ginger, 2 filets of pollock sliced, 3 tablespoons surracha sauce, Two tablespoons soy sauce, One tablespoon cumin, One table spoon salt, One table spoon pepper, 3 cups water, 2 cups chicken broth, 2 bundles glass noodles, 1 can tomato sauce, One Dutch oven 6 quarts or larger, Olive oil

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