How to make wall art with recycled cue chalk

How to make wall art with recycled cue chalk

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These are 100% recycled out of coin operated pool tables from Camden:)

Fire up the hot glue gun

Lay out your cue chalk cubes in the pattern that you desire.

Here is another pattern option

Start by gluing two cubes together at a time until you have a secure base.

It doesn't matter where you start

Then glue those two to two more

And so on

And don't get ahead of yourself

Follow your pattern slowly

When you have finished you will need to anchor your finished piece.

Next I traced the pattern on to cardboard and cut it out:)

Be sure to cut inside your trace line so you don't have edges sticking out

But don't worry you can touch up with a craft knife:)

I fashioned a hanging hook from my wire

And hot glued it to the back

Happy Decorating

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