How to make a virtually free photo box

How to make a virtually free photo box

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So I just took this picture cause I wanted to show off the cool spiderman picture I colored for my bf! Lol okay but really, let's make a photo box!!

Supplies: I forgot to add the scissor and found out later that electrical tape isn't sticky enough. I still used it to guide my tissue paper. Use duct tape or clear packing tape for a better hold.

Measure your box to make sure it's big enough. I used my necklace display from another guide because it's the biggest thing I'll take a photo of .

Using your ruler and marker measure about 1 1/2 inches in on 3 sides and connect your marks. You can choose to have more or less depending on the size of the box. Remember not to go too thin...

Your box needs to be structurally sound after you cut it. When choosing your sides decide which way will be 'up' and cut the top and two sides leaving the 'bottom' intact.

Okay carefully cut out the rectangle you marked. It doesn't need to be perfect but make sure you don't damage the outer pieces so it doesn't collapse.

One side done. This will be my top.

Alright done! Now the diffuser!

If there is a hole in the bottom (or what is now the back) of your box, tape it up.

Cut your tissue paper no larger than your box side. I folded mine over to make it tight and crisp but you don't have too as long as no light can get through. I used electrical tape to position it.

Then finished it with duct tape. Make sure there are no bubbles or tears/cracks for un-diffused light to leak through.

If your tissue paper hangs over make sure to trim it. If you have it sticking out on the inside it'll effect the light.

Done! Isn't it beautiful? Thank you thank you -takes a bow- just kidding! It doesn't have to be perfect or even pretty. I'm just a perfectionist!

Okay here's the inside. The black is from where I taped the hole on the used-to-be-the-bottom of the box.

Now here it is with a lamp shining over it. Notice how the light is softer?

Position your lamp. Make sure not to leave it too long or too close. We don't want any fires!! Experiment with different bulbs and wattages.

Without the light.

With the light. It's hard to tell here because I rushed but the shadows are decreased a lot.

Way better! Play with your angles to get the right effect for your picture.

Add poster board or scrapbook/craft paper as a background. To get the 'infinity sweep' effect lay your paper/board like..... (as a side note I watermarked this using instaframe)

...This! I taped mine up using a piece of rolled tape.

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