How to make a 5 minute healthy meal without cooking!

How to make a 5 minute healthy meal without cooking!

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Grate some Zucchini... Or courgette... Or green squash? Whatever you call it - it's still yum!

Chop some broccoli into small bite sizes

Chop some tomato into small bite sizes

Slice some avocado into cubes while its still in the shell .. So you don't have to get slimy avocado fingers..!

Pop the ingredients onto a plate or shallow bowl one by one... Zucchini...



Scoop the cubed avocado out of the shell and scatter on top...

Plonk a spoonful of ricotta cheese on top...

Sprinkle some pieces of hot smoked salmon on top (you can buy it already smoked at the supermarket when you grab your ingredients!), pepper & chilli to taste...

And there you go! Tasty, light, fresh and very, very yum! Now if anyone knows how to smoke their own salmon...without a fancy smoking gadget...?! :)

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