How to make flavoured coffee

How to make flavoured coffee

In this guide I am going to be making vanilla coffee,firstly gather your ingredients.

Fill the bottom chamber full of water and prepare the coffee, refer to my previous guide on how to operate the italian stove cafetiere.

Place the filter into the chamber.

Rest on the hob on a medium heat, remember to keep checking! Dont want spillages now, do we?

Put your milk in a microwavable cup, the amount of milk varys depending on how strong you want it.

For about a minute or less, I usually find 30 seconds is enough.

Measure a teaspoon or less of the syrup. Put this in the cup you will be drinking from.

Add the hot milk to your syrup, keep an eye on your coffee!

If you have an electric whisk use it to mix the milk and syrup as well as making the milk fluffy and light,like a latte. If not use a conventional one like me.

Keep checking on your coffee. Once its ready turn off the heat.

Pour the coffee in the centre of the foamed milk,dont rush it otherwise the milk will mix in, and it will just taste like a normal coffee.

Enjoy your nice flavoured coffee. Post yours, lets hope they're better than mine!:)

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