How to make easy bracelet and hairband

How to make easy bracelet and hairband

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Take the ribbon and start putting them inside the chain links. And you're done!

In this way you can make a hairband, or a bracelet or a strap for a bag or purse, a belt, etc. tie a knot at the end, so the ribbon doesn't slip and come out.

The chain you need

A ribbon, measured around your wrist or head.

Put it in through one link.

Pull it

Then remove it from below the next link

Pull it out

Then put it over the next link again.

And remove it from under the next link. Continue doing this through out the chain. Make sure you leave enough ribbon before and after the chain to tie it easily around the wrist or head.

Knot it when you come to the end to secure it

This is the knot

Make sure the ribbon is straight through out

It should look like this in the end.

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