How to make a 123 rum cake

How to make a 123 rum cake

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cut all the dry fruit in small pieces but not to small..

i got all the dry fruit in small bags at waltmart, makes enough for 2 cakes...i used 1/2 of all the fruit the rest will seats in my refrigerator soaking in rum in a seal container for another cake

add a small botlle or 4 oz of your favorite rum, let it soak for at least one hour

smells great!!!

all in one.. this box comes with dry carrots in a separeted bag... add it or not is your choice

carrot cake has brown sugar and all the ingredients you need .. so is 123 . add the eggs, water and oil as instructed..

add all the drunk" fruit..




add the carrots from the bag in the box...

mix... not to much...

1/2 of all the fruit makes one loaf and 3 cup cakes.. dont fill up the cake container .. will growwwww!!

oven at ! 350 ,.. 40 minutes

enjoy... rum cake .. easy and delicious!!!

try it!!

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