How to do a brushed metal effect on ipod or iphone

How to do a brushed metal effect on ipod or iphone

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This is before I do the brushed metal effect. Looks like most iPods after a month of use without a case...

So what you need to do is take the green side of the sponge and rub straight up and down onto the iPod for 2-5 minutes depending on how you want it to look

Try to tape the camera some how to avoid scratching it. I didn't tape mine and it did get a little scratched. Even tho it still took good photos just giving you a heads up! :)

This is the outcome!

Before and after. If you wanna thank me for this tutorial Follow me on instagram @katielee :)

Watch the video: How to Remove Scratches From an Ipod, and Give it a Brushed Metal Look


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