Renault Shocks Paris with Electric Trezor

Renault Shocks Paris with Electric Trezor

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Renault looks to stun the luxurious electric car market as their Magnum Opus - the Renault Trezor - recently debuted in Paris.

[Image Source: Renault]

The Trezor was redesigned from the ground up to feature a completely original car with incredibly original features. While the car retains a gorgeous outer body, the mechanics of the car prove a functional concept as well. The company is certainly catering to an upper-class design, however, in the process, they are reimaging their company as one which seeks style and environmental responsibility.

"[The] Renault TREZOR Concept is the beginning of a new cycle of concept cars and explores the styling and technology of future models. With its welcoming style and its services geared towards driving pleasure, this electric GT embodies our vision of future mobility and our automotive passion,"

Explains Renault.

What it Offers

However, while looks are important, functionality remains imperative. The engineers behind the Trezor took the latter with great consideration, implementing the Renault TREZOR concept engine. The engine features a welcoming 260 kW (350 hp) of power and 380 Nm of torque. The car is capable of going from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 4 seconds. The care also utilizes RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage System) technology which actively recovers expended energy during breaking.

[Image Source: Renault]

The car houses two batteries located at both the front and back to balance the car. The car maintains an incredible aerodynamic profile to provide excellent mileage and an even better experience. To further the efficiency, the engineers reduced the weight by constructing the chassis out of a central carbon shell.

Of course, no modern car would be complete without auto-pilot. Drivers program the car in three modes, neutral, sport, and self-drive. The company did not comment on the technologies surrounding the auto-pilot mode, however, they suggest with the feature on, the driver can sit back, talk with family, or enjoy a movie, although, it is recommended not to do so.

The Renault TREZOR makes a great addition to the growing electric market. However, the car remains as a concept with more information set to be released later in the year including a price point and other statics. Although, you can be sure this car will cost a pretty penny.

[Image Source: Renault]

[Image Source: Renault] [Image Source: Renault] [Image Source: Renault] [Image Source: Renault]

Written by Maverick Baker

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