Redesign Your Home with Tylko App

Redesign Your Home with Tylko App

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Residents of small apartments or fans of minimalist design know they must make every space count.

A new app called Tylko gives users a chance to create their perfect bookshelf, sideboard, wall storage or bench. The app allows people to combine different sized shelving to get the best fit for a space to optimize functionality.
Buying or designing a wall storage or a bookshelf poses a big problem. Books vary in size, larger frames don't always fit traditional shelves. Weight and spacing add difficulty in finding the perfect shelf. The Tylko Ivy looks to solve those issues.

The app allows users to customize and visualize their perfect shelving unit without leaving their home.

[Image source: Tylko]

"It's not one product, it's hundreds and thousands of products, there are so many use cases and shapes that it can fit,"said Benjamin Kuna, the entrepreneur of the Warsaw-based company.

[Image source: Tylko]

He describes their design as a big collaboration of himself and a few friends of his. The idea came from a local design festival. Kuna works with architect Mikołaj Molenda, parametric designer Michał Piasecki ,and interdisciplinary designers Hanna Kokczyńska and Jacek Majewski.

[Image source: Tylko]

The Tylko shelves perfectly fit each other for any kind of needs via by complex shapes, produced by a technology called CNC machining. They can hold more weight than normal shelves. The units were created by a group of creative designers from various backgrounds and are produced in one of the Europe's best furniture factories.

[Image source: Tylko]

The multi-platform Tylko app

Tylko features a great option to its costumers with a multi-platform augmented reality app, which allows you compose and visualize your perfect shelf real-time on your screen by framing your space. It is also possible to choose the color, dimension, and style of each piece, and it is available on Google Play and App Store either.

[Image source: Tylko]

The app notifies users via emailing about orders. Buyers know when units leave the factory and when they will be delivered.

[Image source: Tylko]

Technical info

Designers say the Tylko shelves can survive house moves; they are produced by tempered steel and Finnish plywood and oiled by hand with toxin-free plant oil.

A durable matte laminate covers the surface, making the units fingerprint-resistant.

"Every detail counts"

"We asked ourselves how we could design perfectly-proportioned shelves (no matter how much you stretch them) and spent two years honing the rules that guarantee your shelves will be spot on - even as you add or delete rows and columns to tweak your design. We want to provide you with the best product we can. We've meticulously examined every detail- from a custom instruction manual and color-coded connectors to every hand-beveled edge or adjustable foot. We really have thought of everything."

[Image source: Tylko]

If you are picky about stylish and functional furniture and need a bookshelf, visit Tylko here!

Written by Tamar Melike Tegün

Watch the video: Tylko: Shelves that stand out because they fit in


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