The World's Shortest International Flight Takes only 8 Minutes

The World's Shortest International Flight Takes only 8 Minutes

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The world's shortest international flight is set to begin in November, and the trek will only take passengers 8 minutes. The flight will only be a total of 21 kilometers, but it will cross the Bodensee Lake in the region. Passengers will fly from Friedrichshafen airport in Germany to St. Gallen Airport in Switzerland. The flight isn't just for show, but rather it is part of a connecting flight plan that will take passengers to Cologne, Germany.

[Image Source: Google Maps]

Scheduled flights for the incredibly short journey will begin on November 2 of this year. Embraer 145 type aircraft will carry about50 passengers on the one-way flight twice a week. Unlike many scheduled flights, the intention is for tourists traveling the area, as opposed to for business travel.

So, what is the cost of this short flight? US$45.

[Image Source: Stefg74]

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