Innovative Home Elevator Can Easily Fit Into Your House

Innovative Home Elevator Can Easily Fit Into Your House

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Are you getting tired of walking up stairs in your house? Now there is a way to easily install an elevator in your home to make you feel like you are living in the most luxurious of penthouses. Called the LiftonDUO, it allows you to install a 2 person lift in your home without anything too invasive into your home's architecture and structure. Apart from the obvious awesomeness of having a personal elevator, having a home lift also allows you to plan for the future when you or your other family can no longer easily walk up stairs.

[Image Source: Stiltz]

The LiftonDUO takes up no more space than a small dresser, and it can fit into that unused corner in your home. The lift was designed to be stylish and futuristic while also being easy to use and functional. You could tuck it away in a closet or you can put it out in the middle of a room as the focal point of conversation. Having a futuristic home elevator would give you many more options for easily getting up or down stairs.

[Image Source: Stiltz]

There are no motors or machinery necessary outside of the lift car itself. That means everything is neatly concealed within the carriage, and your elevator will be left functioning and looking good, without the danger of exposed machinery. One of best things about the lift is that it plugs into a regular house outlet, so the installation process is fairly simple.

[Image Source: Stiltz]

Stiltz Group Commercial Director, Lachlan Faulkner had this to say about their product:

“Our overall aim is to ensure homeowners live life as comfortably as possible. With the LiftonDUO, customers get to retain their valuable floor space and immediately gain greater mobility. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to remain in their family home for longer as well as enhancing the property’s usability and value."

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